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Our Affiliates

Crednology Holding Corporation    (COHO)

Holding Company

Management at Crednology Holding Corp is dedicated to enhancing shareholder value through a strategic combination of organic growth, mergers and acquisitions.

Crednology Holding Corp will actively seek acquisitions that have a global reach and bring diversification in order to reduce the effects of an economic or industry downturn.

Crednology Holding Corp is continually looking for new product ideas and business opportunities for growth, development and strategic relationships. We encourage businesses and individuals to contact us with new and innovative ventures.

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4Service Cloud

Cloud Computing Hosting Solutions

4Service Cloud

4Service is a business continuity solutions provider that specializes in cloud computing and disaster recovery services.

We offer a 3-Tier approach to our disaster recovery strategy and our Private Managed Cloud Computing offering is comprised of only the best-in-class Industry leading equipment.

Utilizing the newest desktop and server virtualization technologies, our Cloud Computing solution allows any organization, regardless of size, to gain a world-class infrastructure and dramatically cut its IT costs across the board.

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MSP and Professional Services

ITatOnce MSP

ITatOnce is a Managed Services Provider specializing in High-End Technical and Professional Services with a focus on Infrastructure Virtualization.

ITatOnce offers a full array of IT Solutions and has a proven track record in deploying, implementing, and managing on-premise and cloud virtualized environments.

ITatOnce has helped many companies stabilize their IT environments by partnering with industry leading companies and deploying sound proven technical solutions.

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