ManagementMeet our management team.


  • Orie Rechtman

    Mr. Orie Rechtman is the CEO of 2 organizations he acquired and built.

    4Service Cloud Tech and IT at Once, providing Cloud Computing and high level Technology Managed Services to the mid-level business segment, schools and municipalities.

    Orie Rechtman

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  • Olga Rechtman
    VP of Marketing

    Olga Rechtman serves as head of marketing where her responsibilities are to develop internet marketing, lead generation, organic searches marketing and international ecommerce.

    Her knowledge in this field is a contributing force to the main marketing channel the 4Service organization is utilizing in promoting its product and services implementing the many important aspects of on-line marketing.

    Olga also serves as head of Human Resources for 4Service.

  • Alfredo Gonzalez
    Cheif Technology Manager

    Mr. Gonzalez a 20 years technology veteran with extensive knowledge in new emerging technologies concerning Cloud Computing, IT Disaster Recovery and Business continuity.

    Mr. Gonzalez is serving as the Chief Technology Manager of the organization responsible for corporate vision, identifying trends, analyzing potential acquisition opportunities and forming alliances with Value Added Providers and Vendors.

  • Jeff Katz
    Financial Advisor

    Mr. Katz with over 25 years of experience and expertise in managing financial systems for companies in diverse fields.

    Mr. Katz has also successfully co-founded 3 different companies in the technology industry a distribution of educational software and Internet development primarily geared towards the educational field.