Orie RechtmanMeet our CEO

Orie Rechtman

CEO of 4Service Cloud Tech and ITatOnce

Mr. Rechtman has been a veteran of the computer industry since its inception 1980. He was a founder and leader in establishing the first distribution channel for computer software to K-12 educational institutions in the United States. As President of Home and School Computing Inc. Mr. Rechtman formed a sales and service organization to support over 35,000 schools nationwide.

In 1989 Mr. Rechtman merged the company with Software, Hardware and IT Service Co then a $2 Million in sales organization specializing in sales sales to enterprise clients.

Mr. Rechtman served as the President until 1998 when he was appointed CEO and Chairman of the parent company WareforceOne.com Inc.

Mr. Rechtman was the driving force behind the successful growth of the company which was recognized as one of the top 500 System Integrators (Ranked 176) in the USA with sales approaching $200 Million in the year 2000. The company was also recognized as the 2nd largest company in its sector for a California based company.
His vision and management skills were key elements behind the commitment to both internal-organic growth and external growth through a series of mergers and acquisitions.

After the sale of the company in 2002, Mr. Rechtman continued his strategy of investment in small companies, providing them with management, capital and strategy -
growing with the objective of maximizing return on investment and building value for the shareholders.

Currently Mr. Rechtman is the CEO of 2 organizations he acquired and built 4Service Cloud Tech and IT at Once, providing Cloud Computing and high level Technology Managed Services to the mid-level business segment, schools and municipalities.